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    Mushtaq Rahman and Peter Hoare Scholarship

    Biography of Donors

    Mushtaq Muhammad Mesbahur Rahman

    Mushtaq Muhammad Mesbahur Rahman was born on the 1st of March 1986 in a village (soiya) of Jaintiapur, Sylhet, Bangladesh. In 2004, Mushtaq got admission into Shahjalal University of science and technology (SUST) in Anthropology. After fulfilling 3 years in SUST, Mushtaq received a third scholarship from the University of East London. Four years later, he attained an MBA degree from Anglia Ruskin University. He then began his career with British Rail in 2013 as a graduate trainee with the role of a Revenue Officer.
    Mushtaq had many influential roles in several charity organizations, including the Oxfam Advisory Committee, Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue service. Moreover, Mushtaq has interests in Archaeology, Theology, Sports science as well as supporting children and families. He developed his passion by working for the Children Safety Scheme alongside East Cambridgeshire County Council. In 2016, Mushtaq commenced his pharmacy course under NHS guidance while working at British Rail with research wings. Furthermore, he has had various opportunities to attend research presentations and seminars accompanied by his writings.

    Dr. Peter Hoare

    Dr Peter Hoare is a Visiting Academic at the British Museum, an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Queen Mary University of London and an associate member of the Pathways to Ancient Britain Project. He was educated at the universities of London (BSc, 1967), Sussex (MSc, 1968) and Dublin (PhD, 1972). Having worked as a Higher Scientific Officer at the British Geological Survey for one year, he taught for twenty-seven years at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, retiring as Senior Lecturer in 1999.
    Peter’s research is focused on Quaternary science, in particular geoarchaeology and the palaeolithic record in Britain. He has carried out archaeological fieldwork at Warren Hill, Barnham and Happisburgh in eastern England, and has also analyzed sediments collected from these important sites. The recent discovery of ancient footprints at Happisburgh received the Current Archaeology magazine’s ‘Rescue Dig of the Year’ award for 2015. He is also interested in the early history of archaeological investigations in British, in particular the part played by Worthington George Smith (1835−1917), the natural history and archaeological photography of Hallam Ashley (1900−1987) and the orientation of English medieval churches.

    Who Are Eligible?
    Two students, one male and one female, will be awarded a scholarship at the end of the first semester of the first year, and at the end of the first semester of the fourth year. The awards will be based on examination results and/or on significant improvements in academic performance, and his/her participation in extra-curricular activities of the department, and his/her family’s financial condition. A student who receives a scholarship in his/her first year may be considered for a further scholarship in the fourth year.
    Scholarship Award
    Each scholarship will be worth, the local equivalent of £150.
    Deadline of the Application

    Evaluation Criteria
    The Head of Department along with four faculty members will act as the jury for the selection of eligible scholarship candidates; three of them will also take responsibility for administering the bank accounts.
    Jury Board
    A K M Mazharul Islam, Professor and Head
    Dr. Abdul Awwal Biswas, Professor
    Nur Mohammad Mojumder, Associate Professor
    A F M Zakaria, Associate Professor
    Mohammed Monjur-Ul-Haider, Assistant Professor

    Mushtaq Rahman and Peter Hoare Scholarship
    Department of Anthropology
    Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet
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