Academics / ANP / Program


    The Department offers Bachelor (Honors), Masters, MPhil and PhD programs.

    • Undergraduate

      The Bachelor program provides opportunities for students to enrich their academic experience through honors courses, and hands-on research experience in the field. This enriched experience can culminate in an independent research project as part of the Honors Thesis. Undergraduate anthropology students will be exposed to archaeology, physical anthropology, linguistics, and cultural anthropology. They learn how to study people and how communities and organizations work. Many undergraduates have difficulty selecting their major, changing their minds several times as they search for a course of study that interests them and can lead to post-college education. That search sometimes results in costly extra years of study. Undergraduates, who choose to major in anthropology, can be sure that their choice is both exciting and practical.

    • Graduate

      Masters (With or/and without thesis)

      Master’s degree candidates receive additional training in how to combine undergraduate perspectives and skills to solve the problems. The faculty members all trained in anthropology offer courses on theoretical, methodological, and other advances in anthropology.

      MPhil and PhD

      MPhil scholars are conducting research in the expansion and promotion of anthropological knowledge by organizing national and international conferences on current academic debates and issues.  The Department is keen to exchange academic excellence and student potentials with other entities both home and abroad.