Academics / STA


    Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) is the first science and technology university in Bangladesh and many of its departments are at the international forefront for research in various fields. The Department of Statistics, that started its academic journey in 1991, is one of the pioneer departments of this university. The Department is one of the largest concentrations of statistical research in the region with 27 faculty members and over 350 undergraduate and graduate students. Among the faculty members 12 are Professors, 09 Associate Professors, 03 Assistant Professors and 02 Lecturers. The department offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate courses and also offers M.Phil and Ph.D programs. By this time the department has produced three PhD and hundreds of MSc graduates. Every year average number of intake in Masters program is 42. The department has two computer laboratories equipped with 110 computers under complete network facility. Students enjoy working with state of the art statistical and other related software. We have a well-organized seminar library with sufficient books and journals. Employment opportunities for our graduates are excellent. Our ex-students find careers on research organizations, banks and other academic institutions. The Department has an association, named Parishankhan Paribar. Various activities like, cultural programs, sports, iftar mahfil, picnic etc. are organized by this association. The Department of Statistics obtained many projects, most notably two HEQEP projects: one with the department of mathematics and the other by the department itself for infrastructural development. The Department of statistics organizes seminars and workshops regularly on contemporary issues of research.